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Gabby Taylor

After more than a decade, Manitoba’s Gabby Taylor is back on the Canadian music scene working on a new album. Gabby’s last release was in 2007, “Where I Feel Alive” which garnered two #1 hits “Cool Me Down” and “You’re the One”, “Cool Me Down” was also named single of the year in 2008. Born in Norway House, Gabby Taylor now resides in St. Theresa Point-Island Lake, a small remote community in northern Manitoba. He’s the youngest of seven siblings and still enjoys leisure activities like fishing, boating, woodworking, snowmobiling, and spending time with his family and friends. Gabby believes creating music brings about personal healing. His latest work touches on life’s trials and tribulations, love, and heartache and has brought him personal focus and revitalization. He says through his passion and integrity he hopes to reach his audience in a good way. Earlier this year Gabby headed back to the studio to record. His sound this time around will be more mature as he wants to convey a wider array of emotions to listeners. With the continued support from followers, family and friends, he is influenced to continue to play, sing, and write songs.

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