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No Limit Reunion Tour ft. Master P, Mystikal, Silk

Southern hip hop pioneer Master P remains a swaggering force to be reckoned with more than two decades after he first shook up the rap game with his distinctly Southern sound. He founded seminal label No Limit Records in the early '90s and remains a patriarchal figure of the extended No Limit family, continuing to perform alongside No Limit artists at showcase concerts around the country. No matter who he's sharing the bill with P always brings the ruckus to the stage with party-anthem favorites like "Make 'Em Say Uhh!" and "I Got the Hook Up!". The prolific P has several new albums set to drop in 2016 including the aptly titled Boss of All Bosses, and fans lucky enough to catch him in concert will know without a doubt who's in charge. Master P, aka Percy Robert Miller, was born and raised in New Orleans but cut his teeth in the Bay Area rap scene after moving to Richmond, CA in his early twenties. There his brick and mortar shop No Limit Records became the avenue for his early releases and eventually the namesake of his record label. P made his debut on the label in 1991with Get Away Clean and followed up with several more albums before returning to New Orleans in 1995, where his uniquely Southern sound really found an audience. His 1996 album Mr. Ice Cream Man was a regional sensation that burned up the rap charts with its title track before local notoriety gave way to national fame the following year when Ghetto D topped both the Billboard 200 and the Top Rap Albums chart. His rise continued in 1998 with the album MP da Last Don, a multi-platinum smash that once again topped the charts. Since then P has consistently released albums and raised the roof on tour while also making his mark as an entrepreneur, author, and filmmaker.
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