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Big Daddy Tazz : The Bi-Polar Buddha

Big Daddy Tazz turns mundane events into side-splitting stories! He is the act that has no act. His quick wit, improv style, crowd interaction, clean show and amazing stage presence bring audiences to their knees in laughter and to their feet with applause and adulation, with no two shows being the same. His amazing stand-up comedy shows have been featured on Just for Laughs, the CBC Winnipeg Comedy Festival, CBC’s “The Debaters” and the Comedy Network. Tazz once set a record for the longest stand-up comedy show at 8 ½ hours as a fundraiser for one of the many charities he supports. After thirty years of denying he had the mental illnesses that were controlling his life, Tazz realized that being a manic-depressive, attention deficit, socially-anxious, obsessive-compulsive dyslexic could either destroy or enhance his life: the choice was his. Today, audiences are happy to join him on his rapid cycle ride down the road to recovery that has led him from the psych ward at the Calgary Foothills Hospital to speaking engagements across North America. Whether it’s a corporate event or charity fundraiser, comedy show or keynote seminar, Tazz will make you laugh until you cry and then laugh some more, it’s the bi-polar way.

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