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Dean Gunnarson - World's Most Daring Escape Artist

Ripley’s Believe It or Not awarded Dean Gunnarson the Record for “The World’s Most Daring Escape Artist “. Dean has been seen on television in over 165 countries worldwide preforming his daring escapes, holds two world records for escaping, and has been awarded the title “World’s Greatest Escape Artist” in numerous Countries around the globe. He also recently stared in his own Award winning TV series called “Escape or Die”, seen worldwide. Each week his team travels around the world attempting incredible death-defying escapes. Now available to watch on TubiTv. Dean has escaped from being chained in a car going through a car crusher, survived being locked up and thrown out of an airplane at 4,000 meters in air, dangled by his feet from a trapeze bar over the Hoover Dam in Las Vegas 250 meters high while escaping from a straight jacket, survived escapes while locked inside underwater shark cages, coffins, packing crates, and suspended over man eating alligators, buried alive with 2 ½ tons of wet concrete in a tomb, and spent two days locked in a steel coffin 6 feet underground with no food or water and escaped on Halloween; Plus many more daring feats no one has ever even attempted but him !! Dean is truly a Legendary Canadian entertainer.

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