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Lady Lorelie : Henna Artist

What began as a fun doodling hobby quickly turned into a passion. With over 10 years experience, Lady Lorelie has become a reputable henna artist within Winnipeg. Having explored and studied the art of many different cultural traditions that use henna, she can easily adapt designs according to individuals preferences. She has expanded her art into handpoke and tattooing, however Henna is still her first love as she enjoys the creative process of doodling art on people using the henna plant. Decorate your body with designs inspired by the art of henna. Lady Lorelie offers both traditional and contemporary designs that can be customized to any style or event. Henna is an organic plant based dye that stains the skin a deep red color. Henna can be applied to the skin to create beautiful temporary tattoos that last approximately 2 weeks. From traditional bridal henna to sangeets, bachelorette parties, private parties, events or festivals, Lady Lorelie can adapt designs tailored to you and your guests needs.

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