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Sarah Teakle : 80's Circus Show

Sarah Teakle is a circus-style hula hooper from Winnipeg, Canada, known for dazzling the stage with her high-energy multi-hula hoop acts. She has been performing for ten years and has no plans of stopping any time soon. She loves performing for audiences of all sizes and sharing the wonderful world of hula hooping with as many people as possible. Her most recent work has been her solo street show titled the "80's Circus Show". She has at the incredible opportunity to perfom this show at Winnipeg Fringe, Edmonton Fringe, and St. John's Buskers Festival. The 80's Circus Show: Get ready to feel nostalgic for the 80’s whether you grew up in them or not! While Sarah Teakle was born a couple decades too late to experience the music, fashion, and big hair of the ’80s, it didn’t stop her from wishing she had. In this show, Sarah combines her love of aerobics and circus to create something truly unique. Her high-energy hula hooping, juggling skills, ridiculous aerobics, and daring finale will make everyone wish they had brought their leotards and leg warmers along with them.

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